Preventing Eye Strain:

There is nothing worse than eye strain, in the modern age most of us depend on working in front of a computer to earn a living and put food on our families table. But a bad case of eye strain can severely hamper this ability to earn an honest living.

1. Anti Glare Screen Protectors


The easiest way to prevent eye strain is by reducing direct glare, the most effective and efficient way of doing this is buying an anti glare screen protector. At the end of last year my boss bought us all anti-glare screen protectors for our christmas gifts, most people were extremely upset and hoping for a $50 gift certificate to wal-mart. After close to seven months of use I can safely say this is the best present I’ve ever received – I used to suffer from bad eye strain and since using this anti glare screen protector I’ve only had one or two mild cases.

I suggest going with the 3M Anti-Glare Filter (pictured right), it comes in a varierty of sizes and is available through amazon. If that’s a bit out of your price range then have a browse of the other companies offering these filters.

2. Computer Glasses

If you are constantly moving between different computers then an anti-glare filter is going to be of little use to you. You need something portable, in a case like this you’re best bet are to used glasses that are specifically designed to prevent eye strain.

These are also perfect for gamers as the above mentioned anti-glare screen protectors can make the screen extremely dark, making it hard to make out enemies and slowing down your reflexes. Clear optix make by far the best gamer friendly classes, and they don’t look completely ridiculous either, these are approximately $30 through amazon.

If you’re not a gamer then you might want to look for something a little bit more fashionable. VS eye wear has a number of good products, with the pick probably being their $38 computer glasses with double sided anti-reflective coating (pictured to the right).

3. Improving Your Eye Sight Without Glasses

computer glasses

There is something called the “Bates Method” which was developed by the eye-care physician Willam Bates, his method involves relaxing an eyes strain which causes eyesight to improve. It also has a nice side affect of lowering or eliminating the effects of eye strain. He has a self published book which details the eye movements he recommended his patients followed. It’s only $10.20 from amazon, I have quite good vision so I never experience any increases in eye sight but I did notice myself getting eye strain less often when following his advice.

I also found that when I was suffering from eye strain that if I followed some of the exercises in the book I noticed the symptoms lessen quite quickly.

Treating Eye Strain:

3. Hot/Cold Eye Masks

hold cold eye masks

Sometimes getting eye strain cannot be avoided, no matter what precautionary measurements are taken. When this happens, it’s important to treat it as soon as possible to limit the affects of it and to get back to our normal day-to-day lives as soon as possible. I’ve found that getting an eye mask that can do both hot and cold treatments is extremely effective in treating eye strain. Comfort Pak offers a specially designed eye mask that can do both hot and cold treatments which is available for under $30.

What Is Eye Strain?

Eye strain is an extremely common eye disorder, each person has different symptoms when they experience eye strain but it can broadly be defined as anything that causes discomfort or pain to your eyes while viewing something. Eye strain is caused by your eye muscles becoming fatigued due to the overuse of your eye muscles during intense tasks such as driving a car, working on the computer or even reading a book.

This sense of being fatigued is caused by your ciliary muscle tightening as it strains during these visual intense tasks making your eyes feel sore, much like your biceps would feel after a big work out at the gym. Eye soreness is not the only symptom of eye strain, other common symptoms can include; dry or itchy eyes, blurred vision, spasms around the eyes, headaches and migraines.

While the effects of eye strain can often leave people feeling debilitated, preventing eye strain from occurring is extremely easy. Simple prevention techniques include the 20-20-20 method or even optimizing your work space. Wearing the proper contact lens can help prevent eye strain. Fortunately even if you currently do suffer from eye strain there are several easy and affordable treatment options these include; eye lubricants, specialized computer glasses, anti glare monitors and changing to an LCD monitor. Another viable treatment option which can be tried immediately is eye exercises, we’ve compiled a full list of the most popular eye exercises here.

The “Bates Method” In Action:

The man who made this video used the Bates method on himself, and it managed to cure his vision. While his results won’t apply to everyone, it’s an inspirational tale that deserves to be shared: