Eye Strain Computer

by admin on March 9, 2011

Preventing Eye Strain While Using A Computer

Computers are largely the main reason why eye strain is an ever growing problem in today’s technological world. People are being forced to do more and more work on their computers instead of physical work, and this is causing a multitude of problems – eye strain being one of the main problems. The good news is that only minimal changes have to be made to eliminate eye strain computer problems completely. Here are some of the small changes that will help keep you focused and avoiding any kind of eye strain/irritation while using a computer.

Blink Frequently

While this may sound like something you don’t need to think about, when you’re staring into a computer monitor your eye naturally blinks less often, which leads to dry eyes, and eventually to eye strain. To fight this problem all you have to do is blink every 20 or so seconds. You’ll eventually teach your eyes to blink normally while behind a computer screen rather than blinking less frequently.

Look Somewhere Else For a Change

Computer work oftentimes requires extended periods of high-concentration and while you’re mind is engaged in your work your eyes will be forced to stare into the same spot, and at the same distance for extended periods of times. After 30-60 minutes of staring into the same computer monitor your eyes will begin to strain, your vision will begin to falter, and that’s when you’ll know it’s time for a break. In order to prevent this uncomfortable ordeal all you have to do is look away from your computer monitor from time to time and focus your eyes onto a different object. The object should be fairly far away (definitely much farther than your monitor), and it should be an object that you’re able to see well; you don’t want to be looking at a poster where you have to read the fine print.

Computer Eye Strain Symptoms

The most common computer eye strain symptoms are as follows: dry eyes, sore eyes, blurry vision.