Fluorescent lamps And Eye Strain

by admin on July 16, 2010

While normally imperceptible to the human eye, fluorescent lighting has some sort of flicker. It really is the flicker itself that’s in fact an eye strain trigger. As a result, it won’t make any difference what kind of fixture houses the tubes. Men and women who tend to be susceptible to that flicker will certainly have a problem with it. The most effective remedy is to remove it from ones own immediate work area. Sit down and talk over the problem with your manager or other suitable person. If whoever is in charge of maintenance has a problem with leaving a fitting empty, propose that they simply substitute the tubes inside your work spot with burned out tubes.

Ophthamologist scott Stricker clarifies that incandescent lighting is actually better work lighting. Fluorescent lighting is great to wash a good sized region in lighting, although gives very poor task lighting. He suggested that workers in offices with fluorescent lighting also need desktop task lighting for working with papers, books, etc. As for problematic fluorescent lighting? “Turn them off or disable the tubes,” he told me. “It’s so simple that I can’t imagine an employer objecting.”