Treatment Of Eye Strain

Eye Strain Treatments:

Treating eye strain can be done in a number of different ways, the easiest way to treat eye strain is to prevent or lessen the effects it causes from occurring it in the first place. For advice on supplements to help with eye strain, we suggest you click here to consult with

Eye Strain Treatment Through Preventative Measures:

The biggest cause of eye strain is through glare from a computer screen. This can be combated in one of two ways; computer glasses or anti glare computer screen protectors. The advantages and disadvantages of both are listed below.

Computer Glasses For Eye Strain Treatment?

Computer-glasses advantages:

  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Stylish


  • Has a lower glare cancellation rate than a screen protector
  • Only one person can use them at a time

Anti-Glare Screen Protectors For Eye Strain Treatment:


Can be used by multiple people at the same time
High glare cancellation rate


Not good for gaming

We recommend going for an anti-glare screen protector as they will completely eliminate any direct glare you are experiencing. The only exception is if you find yourself travelling often or if you game a lot, in which case then you’re best bet is to purchase a pair of computer glasses is these will not darken your vision as much as a screen protector.

Eye Lubrication:

One of the side effects of eye strain is your eyes becoming dry. In fact dry eyes are one of the first symptoms of eye strain and if left untreated can cause the other symptoms to worsen.

Your eyes are usually lubricated and kept “wet” by your tear ducts which product small tears, these tears are then applied by the eye lids to lubricate the eyes. Sufferers of eye strain will often blink less due to intense concentration or any of the other factors which cause eye strain such as computer screen glare. This lack of blinking and poor eye-lid function (both associated with eye strain) lead to sub-standard eye lubrication. The easiest and cheapest way to solve this is by using an eye lubrication product, also known as fake tears.

Another way to increase your eye lubrication is to follow the eye exercises that are outlined in the Bates Method, which can not only decrease your eye strain symptoms, it’s said to also improve your eyesight. There is a book that was developed by William Bates which details these eye exercises which is available for $10 through amazon.