Quick Fixes for Scratched Sunglasses

If you’ve scratched your favorite pair of shades, you’ll need a quick fix. No doubt, you want to mend the lenses of your sunglasses as soon as possible so you can wear them again. After all, they are your best summer fashion accessory. Oh, and of course, they protect your eyes from UV rays!

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Fix scratches fast


Luckily, you already have what you need in your home. There are cheap household products that can quickly repair the scrapes on your eyewear. Non-abrasive toothpaste may be your first choice since it will leave your glasses minty fresh, as well as fix them, which is a bonus.

Place a dollop of toothpaste on a cotton ball and gently massage it into the scratches. Apply the paste with a circular motion, and then rinse with cold water. Still a little residue showing? Rub the area with a lint-free cloth.

You can also use vehicle wax, applying it in a similar fashion, although it might take more effort to remove excess material. Likewise, furniture spray, or silver or brass polish can do the trick.

You may find the scratches slowly reappear, which means you need to reapply a quick fix. Several applications are usually necessary. Beware of chemical based, and abrasive suggestions found online. They will remove protective coatings and add scratches rather than mending them.

Now you can wear your sunglasses again. However, if the scratches were too deep for you to fix, check whether you have insurance that covers repairs before discarding them. Also, it’s worth getting a professional anti-scratch coating applied when you buy glasses in the future to prevent problems.