Ways To Keep Your Eye Prescription Updated

Opticians Recommend Check-ups Every Two Years. But They’re Expensive!

Eye exams are necessary. It gives you a chance to update your prescription (avoiding eye-strain and other disorders), and an optometrist may catch certain conditions before they become serious.
But those eyes exams can be expensive. A free delivery code for Photobox can help, but it won’t cover everything. A discount optometry store in my local mall charges me $50 for an exam. But I’ve been charged up to two-hundred dollars. If you have optical coverage on your employee plan, you can be reimbursed. But many people who don’t have coverage find it to be an unnecessary expense and as a result don’t get tested.

But there are some ways to keep your eye prescription updated without breaking the bank. Here are the two major ways we use:

1. Use a Daily Deals Site

You know the ones. Daily deal sites are always full of optical deals for free exams, 2 for 1 lenses, and more. Some will even let you use a promo code to save even more. These are the top daily deal sites:

  • Groupon
  • Livingsocial
  • Woot!

If you have trouble finding any deals, go to the ‘local deals’ section of these websites. It’s also possible that optical stores in your area currently aren’t offering promotions. Just wait a few weeks and a new promotion is sure to pop up.

2. Visit a College or University Program

Universities and colleges that are offering optometrists programs will often advertise free eye exams. This enables students to get some hands-on experience with live subjects (you). Many people are scared of this idea, but rest assured that universities makes sure the students are incredibly qualified before they let me get near live people.
These eye exams are frequently free. Visit the websites of your local universities and colleges to see if they have any notices up.

That’s it! Between these two options, we like to wait for new Livingsocial deals in our area to come up and then we get our eyes tested. When we were in university, we did the free program because we were…starving students and couldn’t afford anything else. Personally, we’ve never had a problem and we’d do it again if we lived near a university.

Any other money-saving tips that you’ve used? Fire us a message in our contact form or leave a comment below!