Computer Monitor Eye Strain

…And How to Prevent It From Happening To You.

Computer monitors, like any electronic screens, can cause severe eye strain for several reasons. One you’re very likely to spend an hour or more looking at the same computer monitor, and two you’re reading almost 100% of the time that you’re on a computer. These two factors can not only strain your eyes, but also decrease your viewing distances and overall hurt your eye sight if nothing is done to remedy the problem at hand. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to prevent yourself from getting computer monitor eye strain problems.

Increase Your Surrounding Lighting

Not only should you worry about your computer monitor’s lighting, but you also need to make sure there’s adequate lighting around your computer to help you see your keyboard, and so your eyes don’t have to strain themselves so hard to read on-screen letters. Be sure that you don’t use any kind of florescent lighting since florescent lights flicker very frequently, which isn’t very eye friendly. Try to eliminate any kind of glare from windows or other objects such as lamps.

Increase Your Computer’s Font

Small fonts are very hard to read and will cause your eyes to strain themselves to properly read the letters on the screen. Do yourself a favor and increase your computer’s default font to help you read easier and to reduce the risk of eye strain. You can also increase the font in your web browser by simply holding the control button and scrolling your mouse wheel up 9or down to decrease if the font is too big). Increasing your web browser font will not only increase the size of letters, but it will laos zoom in on pictures allowing you to see everything much clearer.