Eye Strain Symptoms

The symptoms of eye strain will vary person to person and in large depend on the degree of stain and what has caused it (poor lighting, reflected glare, CRT monitors etc). Most of the symptoms will directly effect your eye but if the strain continues to worsen it can often spread to your neck or back and even result in headaches or migraines. The most common eye strain symptoms are as follows;

Common Eye Strain Symptoms

eye strain - most common symptoms
  1. General soreness in the eyes
  2. Dry eyes
  3. Itchy eyes
  4. Visibly red eyes
  5. Blurry vision (especially when trying to focus)
  6. Spasms or twitches around the eyes
  7. Watery eyes
  8. Burning eyes
  9. Double vision
  10. Head aches
  11. Migraines
  12. Back or neck pain
  13. Extreme pain while trying to use a computer or read a book

Other Eye Strain Complications

If eye strain is left untreated these symptoms will worsen and can lead to permanent eye damage, it can also lead to attention and learning difficulties (due to the pain caused when concentrating on a text book or computer). It’s important to isolate what activities have potentially caused your eye strain and to try and minimize these activities until you’ve had a chance to practice some of the eye exercises list on this site. Once you’ve tried those you will need to treat the eye strain you currently have, this can be as simple as using an eye lubricant or you might need to get some special computer glasses, click for more eye strain treatment options.