Ways To Keep Your Eye Prescription Updated

Opticians Recommend Check-ups Every Two Years. But They’re Expensive! Eye exams are necessary. It gives you a chance to update your prescription (avoiding eye-strain and other disorders), and an optometrist may catch certain conditions before they become serious. But those eyes exams can be expensive. A discount optometry store in my local mall charges me […]

Eye Exercises

Exercising your eyes are just as important if not more important than exercising your body, if you don’t exercise your eyes you are in danger of losing sight later in life and more likely to suffer from eye strain in the mean time. We’ve compiled an exhaustive list of eye exercises, mostly tailored to those […]

Causes Of Eye Strain

So What Causes Eye Strain? Eye strain is generally caused by sub-optimal working conditions but can vary from person to person. One of the most important things to do is note when you experience the symptoms of eye strain and try to isolate what tasks may be causing your eye strain. Eye Strain Causes: 1. […]

Treatment Of Eye Strain

Eye Strain Treatments: Treating eye strain can be done in a number of different ways, the easiest way to treat eye strain is to prevent or lessen the effects it causes from occurring it in the first place. Eye Strain Treatment Through Preventative Measures: The biggest cause of eye strain is through glare from a […]